Creepy abandoned mansion frozen in time after millionaire owner flees overnight

An abandoned mansion was left frozen in time after its millionaire owner escaped overnight.

Luxury cars are still outside the crumbling property, as seen on Google Maps.

The main gate, overlooking the road, is surrounded by overgrown trees and plants.

The house in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, had been abandoned in a hurry, with clean crockery still piled up in the dishwasher.

Games of snooker and chess had been left unfinished, while the kitchen ceiling had caved in, reports the Daily Star.

Villagers claimed the mansion was previously occupied by real estate tycoon Athanasios Tachmintzis, 70, whose wife Sharon, from North Wales, died aged 52 in May 2004.

Mr Tachmintzis is said to have acquired the property in 1999 and lived there for about 18 years before he disappeared suddenly.

Locals said the father-of-five, known as Thanos, lived in the mansion, near Watford, with his two daughters and at least one of his sons.

It was unclear who was residing at the home when it was abandoned while completely furnished and decorated, and filled with everything from pianos and a snooker table to designer clothing and a telescope.

Pictures of the house emerged in May 2020 when an urban explorer ventured inside the property.

They discovered an old Bentley among abandoned cars on the overgrown grounds – and interiors that appeared to be frozen in time.

For years, neighbours had been wondering why the occupants moved out and left so many belongings behind, giving the impression that they may have been in a hurry.

Villagers claimed Mr Tachmintzis, listed as a property consultant on the UK’s registrar of companies, once had security guards positioned at the gate and had three Dobermans on the grounds.

One local said they noticed that the occupants had “just disappeared” about five years ago.

The resident said: “I just thought at first that they had gone away somewhere and would then come back – but nobody did. It is most strange.

“At first the gates were just shut and then a padlock and chain appeared on them.

“You could just see the grass getting longer and longer and growing around the cars.

“Nobody around here has a clue what happened to them and why they just upped and left. It is a real mystery.

“They obviously had loads of money because it is a big house.

“There were always lots of comings and goings with different people going in and out.”