Sonic Frontiers will receive free Monster Hunter DLC

Sonic Frontiers will have free Monster Hunter DLC a week after its release.

This is the first DLC announced for Sega’s open zone adventure, a collaboration with Capcom’s hugely successful hunting series.

It will launch on 14th November and include two costumes for Sonic: Rathalos and Felyne Rathalos.

In addition, there’ll be a meat grilling minigame to help power Sonic up, similar to the cooking in Monster Hunter.

Where Sonic obtains this meat from in a world of robots is unclear.

This DLC is Sega returning the favour as it follows a similar crossover in Monster Hunter Rise that included a Sonic costume for your hunter, plus palico and palamute costumes.

Artists from Sega and Capcom have released some cool artwork to celebrate the collaboration.